Welding Beds

Each one of our welding beds are custom made to order.

Each bed is made using 3/16 plate for the floor, sidewalls, rear skirt and corners.  Most other parts are constructed using 12 gauge plate.  Each bed is priced in the RAW metal as a base price.  Beds are ground, sanded and ready for sandblast. Installation is included with each bed in the base price. 

Each one of our welding beds come standard with the following:

1) Rear Toolboxes located at the rear of the truck.  These typically go down as far as the sidewall of the body to allow for maximum storage.  All styles of our beds come standard with the rectangular style boxes.  1/4 round pipe toolboxes are available as well on all bed styles for an additional cost.

2) Oxygen Bottle Rack. The orientation of the rack can be with 2 bottles laying side by side, 2 bottles stacked on top of each other, or a single bottle by itself.

3) Hole(s) for acetylene bottles.  Typically either 1 or 2 bottles will be located on the passenger side behind the O2 rack.  If only one bottle is carried then normally we can increase the size of the rod box.  These are secured using a custom sized ratchet strap.

4) Rod box. Normally located to the rear of the acetylene bottles.  Typically has a raised lip around the floor edge with a hinged lid.

5) Lead well holes.  Some want 3, some want 4, and other want 1 large one with a divider in it to in essence make 2 large ones.  Locking Lids for these are available at an additional cost.

6) LED Lights.  Our lights are all clear lens lights in either 4" round or 6" oval, all proudly made in the USA.

7) Installation and removal of your truck bed.  We will install our bed and remove your bed all included in the base price.  Of course if you have some crazy ridiculous bed or contraption to remove, there may be an additional charge.  Not sure, just ask us.

Our South TX, Central TX, and North TX beds are structurally all built  the same way.  Here are the differences in them.  

South Tx, the sidewalls in between the cab and axle are straight and NOT made to match the contour of the cab.  This style bed also has 2" tubing around the bottom to make up the running boards.

Central TX is the same as the South TX with the exception being on the rear toolboxes.  On this style of bed, the toolboxes are inset from the sidewall approx 1".

North TX beds  have the sidewalls in between the cab and axle that ARE made to match the contour of the truck lines.  This style also has 4" pipe that is halfed at the bottom vs the 2" tubing.

Options and Pricing

In addition to the base price of a welding bed, we offer the following options that you can add to customize it the way you want it!!   If you don't see it listed and would like to know if we can do something different you have in mind, just talk to us about it!

Base Prices

South Texas Bed      $7000

North Texas Bed      $8000

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North Texas Style Beds


South Texas style Beds